Sports Club Training Programs


The fitness of an individual athlete can only go so far in a team sport. Fitness levels of athletes play a major role in team sporting clubs and can have an impact on winning or losing on game day.

The benefits if sporting club group training is imperative to a winning team.

  • Improve club culture
  • Increase individual fitness
  • Improve group discipline
  • Increase player strength and power
  • Increase training attendances
  • Increase player retention
  • Constantly new and improved training techniques / exercises
  • Planned and prepared sessions by group training experts
  • Preferred training club for athletes
  • Training variety
  • Builds healthy training discipline and culture
  • Re-energise players
  •  Build a strong team on and off the field.
  • Be 100% prepared  for game day!

Body Revival’s Sports Club Training Programs are designed to build on group strength, club discipline, increase player fitness, improve club culture and have fun whilst training as a team. We cater for indoor and outdoor style training, small to large group sizes and also operate on and off Body Revival training sites to suit individual club needs.

All trainers are fully certified, registered and are committed to providing the best fitness experience possible.

Improve your team today with Body Revival Sports Group Training Programs today!



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