Personal Training

Personal Training
How long have you been at the gym doing the same monotonous routine and not seen any results? Maybe you have been the person who has wanted to make the first step of getting fit and healthy but keep putting it off? Either way our Personal Trainers here at Body Revival is like nothing you would have experienced before.
Not only do we have a strong passion for helping others get healthy and fit, we also use scientific formula to make sure our members get results. Combining client screening, strength training and proper nutritional guidance from a qualified nutritionist you will gain some amazing results.

Personal Training Includes13533067_1222503447762221_1654335069381635377_n:

  • – Unlimited Gym Access both Body Revival Centres
    – Movement analysis and screening
    – Personalised Training Programs
    – Individualised Nutritional Guide
    – Ongoing Assessments
    – Exclusive Access to Body Revival Family Facebook Group
    – Constant Amendments and Alterations to Programs / Nutrition Guide
    – Weekly Check-ins Outside of your Training Sessions


Train with a friend and get each other motivated.

Two-on-one Personal Training is a fantastic way to stay motivated and get results with a friend.

You will see each other progress and GET RESULTS TOGETHER!

Body Revival’s track record shows amazing proven results time and time again and we would love to help you do the same.
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